10 Signs of a Narcissist
Narcissist Definition
Signs Of A Narcissist

1. No Empathy 
A complete lack of understanding others. Narcissists only reflect on themselves, having a conversation with one is nearly impossible as the topic of conversation will always fall back on them. No matter what you are going through they have gone through worse

2. Lack Of Responsibility 
They are masters of spin no matter how apparent they have hurt someone or done something wrong they will spin it towards others for their inadequacies and short comings. Trying to get them to see this is pointless. 

The philosophy of "there are winners and there are losers" is not just a narcissistic belief. Some have this belief without having this characteristic. But this is the battle cry of the narcissist, if you are ever in a battle with one always remember they are willing to do whatever it takes to be the "winner" in their eyes. 

4. Land Of Delusion
Driven by fantasies their behavior can be completely erratic and not based in any reality of all. Because of their need to be right they will create whatever they have to in their minds to be victorious.

5. Shame 
Shame and guilt are the main tools of the narcissist, beating you over the head again and again with the same argument of how you have wronged them. No matter how strong or resilient you are they will keep coming after you until they feel they have "won".

6.  Anxiety
Anxiety is an ongoing, vague feeling that something bad is happening or about to happen. Some narcissists show their anxiety by talking constantly about the doom that is about to happen, while some hide and repress their anxiety. But most narcissists project their anxiety onto their closest loved ones, accusing them of being negative, unsupportive, mentally ill, not putting them first, not responding to their needs, or being selfish. All this is designed to transfer anxiety to the loved one in an attempt to not feel it themselves. As you feel worse and worse, the narcissist feels better and better. In fact he feels stronger and more superior as you feel your anxiety and depression grow. 

7. Little To No Boundaries
Narcissists can’t accurately see where they end and you begin. They are a lot like 2-year-olds. They believe that everything belongs to them, everyone thinks and feels the same as they do, and everyone wants the same things they do. They are shocked and highly insulted to be told no. If a narcissist wants something from you, he’ll go to great lengths to figure out how to get it through persistence, cajoling, demanding, rejecting, or pouting.

8. Cheerleading
There is no bigger fan of the narcissist then themselves. Constantly bragging and talking about how amazing they are down to the most minuscule thing. All the while praise for others is lacking.

9. Control 
This can be the most damaging to a person that is envolved  with a narcissist. Their need to control everything around them with the anxious behavior can make their victims feel completely trapped and confused. If a narcissist has money he will use that as a tool to keep you close.

10. Center Of Attention
A narcissist can be meeting Beyonce and not shut up for a second because what they have done is much greater than what anyone else has done. I great way to know if someone has this trait is to ask the person if there should be a book written or movie made about them. Even the most boring narcissist thinks there existence should go on long after they pass.

So there you have it! There are more than 10 obviously, but if you or someone you know have 10/10 its time to get help or if your on the other side to find a way out.